In our ever-shrinking world, while the relationships between persons and institutions have multiplied in number, they have also become considerably intricate. The irresistible improvement in information technologies removed the borders in every area of life; therefore the solutions of the past have turned relatively easier. Nothing is static anymore; the fact that “change” is the only thing that does not change has never been so obvious. Just like the questions and problems, the ways and sources to meet them have diversified. However, the whole thing has now turned into an informational convergence. Everyone with a problem knows that the answer being sought does exist for sure, but where?


Like in any area, this inextricable-looking confusion is also evident in the business world. The actors of the economy are striving to keep up with the phase of the ever-changing conditions but their efforts often fall short of the goals and the need for a “Wise” person with sufficient knowledge and experience to ask for assistance is deeply felt.


Our goal, as Akîl CPA Consultancy Corp., is to take your side in any problem in respect to taxation, consultancy and audit issues with the experience and expertise we have gained by being actively involved in the sector for years and with our well-trained staff who improve itself by constant renovation, and to make the best of our name by generating “rational” solutions.

Who are we?
AKİL CPA Consultancy Corp. was reborn in 2013, when the proficient staff who provided services in the sector for many years with their unique expertize and continued their professional lives under different names transformed their name and organizational structure. With this new organization, the long- established, high-quality service has been transformed, diversified and adapted to the changing conditions. 
Our Values
• Honesty and Adherence to the professional standards
• On-time service
• Reliability
• Focus on the Solution
• Teamwork
• Leadership
• Efficiency
• Accuracy

Our primary goal as Akîl CPA Consultancy Corp. is to work in accordance with the principles of our vision, mission and service and provide our clients with the high-quality they deserve right on time… 


Our mission is to become a team totally compatible with international service standards and professional legislation in the field of taxation, financial consultancy and audit, a team that can analyze business, record and reporting processes with improving management techniques, a team that is preferred for its trustworthiness, service quality, solution oriented service philosophy and its competitive position, and a team serving institutions active in local and global markets.


The main elements that constitute our vision are to provide wise solutions that will open horizons for our clients in the areas of taxation, accounting and financial audit – our primary areas of expertize- in our country, which sets sails towards ever improving global markets, to provide service beyond their expectations, and to create values in any work we complete. Akîl CPA Consultancy Corp. provides alternative ideas. Quality is essential in providing service. Our goal is not become the biggest but to become the leader of high-quality service.


The birth of Certified Public Accounting and Audit professions is the result of the trustworthy environment it provides for all the related parties. A financial statement which has been audited or signed and sealed by a Certified Public Accountant reflects the ultimate confidence. Our first and primary principle is to provide this confidence in the upmost level in every answer we give, every solution we create and every piece of financial information or statement that contains our views as a result of the audits we carry out.

Focus on Solution

The solution process starts with asking the right questions. Our first step is to assess whether the question is right. We call it “zero based reflection”. Before finding the answers and solutions, every question or problem must be approached from all the perspectives related to it, and sometimes it should be rephrased and asked in a different way. The key factor of quality in answers and solutions is accuracy: complete investigation, accurate information and analysis. In this respect, beyond international standards and related legislation, ISO 9001 standards establish important guidelines and approaches with their total quality management philosophy and applications.