Approval and Audit Services

a. Audit and approval services in Income and Corporate Tax.

b. Transactions about incentives, tax discount, waivers and reporting them.

c. Transactions about delays, cancellations, returns and deductions of Value Added Tax and Special Consumption Tax, and reporting them.

d. Audit and approval of Real and Tangible Capital increase transactions.

e. Waiver transactions of unions, institutions, foundations, cooperatives and similar bodies, and audit and reporting commercial enterprises.

f. Investment Incentive Certificate transactions.

g. Detection transactions about credits.

h. Transactions of acceptability of financial statements and returns assessment.

i. Inspection and detection services about Crude oil and petroleum products.

j. Inspection of accounts and transactions of Organized Industrial Zones.

k. Inspection of property and assets.

l. Transactions about delay and installment.

m. Transactions about allocation of public land.

n. Audit and reporting transactions prescribed to be done in Certified Financial Accounting Offices by Energy Market Regulatory Authority and other institutions.

o. Transactions to be done about the clearance certificate of Social Security Institution.

p. Other transactions which have been prescribed to be done by Certified Public Accountants in various laws and other regulations.


Financial Consultancy Services

a. Permanent financial consultancy.

b. Incidental consultancy and off-standard transactions

     i. Tax consultancy in the basis of transactions

     ii. Inspection of deception and interrogations

     iii. Transactions about Social Security Law

c. Control and Revision Transactions

    i. Special purpose controls and census transactions off-approval

    ii. Revision of tax transactions off-approval

d. Establishing accounting systems for firms

    i. General accounting system

    ii. Cost accounting system

    iii. Management accounting and reporting

    iv. Establishing internal control systems

    v. IFRS applications


Solution services in lawsuits and disputes about Taxation

a. Conciliations

b. Correction transactions

c. Tax inspections