Taxation law and its applications are Akil CPA Corp's main fields of expertise. Besides permanent consultancy and approval services in these fields, we have extensive experience of about 20 years in basic solution methods like sorting out tax disputes and conciliation. We keep providing service to our clients who will file an application, objection or submission in the field of taxation, which is a very special subject with its really peculiar procedural law, not only with our comprehensive knowledge of legislation but also by closely following the current administrative decisions and applications.


Payroll Services


Akil CPA Corp. offers a faster and easier payroll service that unlocks insights, improves compliance, and drives toward comprehensive human capital management.

Payroll isn’t just about paying the employees. Consider all the parts of your business that touch your payroll functions and how the data you have can help you with other parts of your business. Akil CPA Corp. is ready to help you with new business insights, for easier compliance with relevant legislations and to take your Human Capital Management to the next level. 

Financial Consultancy

Akil CPA Corp. team bears some basic principles in financial consultancy services in mind. The first of these principles is to understand the question and the problem. This understanding directed us to work with our clients closely and permanently. Our answering or solving process starts with assessing the way question is asked. We aim at evaluating all the factors affecting the issue before presenting a solution. Those opinions and answers which are prepared without a proper investigation and negotiation usually return to companies in the form of new problems. So as not to cause this, we act in accordance with the principle of quality in opinion and solution. 

Financial Analysis and Finance

The use of essential information and techniques created by the shared wisdom over years has become a necessity for everyone to maintain a successful management of the operations.  The information and financial tables provided by the accounting department constitute the basis for the control of the management efficiency, determination of investments, supply of the sources, creation of production, sale and financing plans, and interpretation of the results. In this respect, with the experience of years and uncompromising care, Akil CPA provides you not only with a thorough analysis of your operation but with the steps to be taken accordingly, necessary precautions and growth opportunities.

Approval Services

The goal in approval services in Income and Corporate tax is to prevent the faulty applications of tax law and considerably reduce the risk of a possible assessment in case of an inspection. It was announced by the Ministry of Finance that, apart from some exceptions and notification cases, those firms about whom approval reports have been prepared by Certified Public Accountants would not be inspected, and those firms who have not got their approvals done would have the priority in inspection.


Independent Audit

Our company provides the independent audit services that publicly held companies have to take in accordance with the regulations imposed by Capital Market Board. Apart from that, we offer service to such companies that want their financial statements to be audited according to International Financial Reporting Standards and International Audit Standards. Independent audit reports demanded from companies by Energy Market Regulatory Board and other boards, various public authorities and banks are also in our field of service.


Foreign investor institutions occupy an important place in Akil CPA's client list.


The firms and institutions we serve are not limited by a certain geographical region. Predominantly, we work with family companies and firms with capital unity. Foreign companies investing directly in Turkey constitute an important portion of our clients. Even though we do not prefer to serve a certain sector, here are the sectors with higher frequency that we currently serve:

  • Construction and management of thermal and hydroelectric power plants.

  • Distribution and trade of natural gas.

  • Petroleum distribution companies, oil import, oil search and transportation services

  • Shopping Centers and Retailers

  • Software and Information Technologies

  • Production of iron, tin and pipes.

  • Food production plants.

  • Plastic Industry

  • International Transportation

  • Hospitals

  • Media Institutions

  • Tourism companies, hotels

  • Textile

  • Organized Industrial Zones

  • Unions, Foundations and Cooperatives

  • Educational Institutions

  • Contracting and Construction

  • Mining